On Site Services

ACS offers on site calibration services for process, analytical and utilities.  Our technicians are well trained and equipped with today’s most current US regulatory and international standards to better support your needs.  Most of our technicians are trained in proper GMP cleanroom gowning and cleanliness techniques to better accommodate our Bio and Pharma customers.

We have developed a rigorous internal safety training program in adherence with OSHA and we will train to each customers’ specific requirements prior to commencement of any new project.

Additionally ACS offers the following On-Site services:

Asset Management

ACS offers Asset Management services to include on-site plant surveys and audits, staff augmentation and instrument calibration scheduling through our laboratory based Met/Cal system.  We use Indysoft and our customers have 24/7 access online through our web portal.

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Thermal Mapping

ACS offers thermal mapping services for environmentally controlled spaces ranging from laboratory freezers, through bio-repositories to whole cGMP warehouses.  We routinely map and qualify incubators, freezers, refrigerators and other controlled environment spaces for temperature and humidity.  We have successfully thermal mapped up to 800,000 sq. foot warehouses for GMP storage requirements.

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Facility / Utility

Our technicians have a strong maintenance background and are well versed and trained in plant utility systems as well as clean utility systems.  Liquid or Gas flowmeters, temperature, pressure, flow control devices, level indication and many others.

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On Site Laboratories

We have many years of experience in research and medical laboratory calibration from pipettes, hoods, bench scales, HPLC/UPLC, GC and common laboratory utilities and controls.  Our experienced technicians are flexible to your schedule and knowledgeable on calibration and repair of most laboratory equipment.

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Process Calibrations

ACS technicians are frequently responsible for calibrating and repairing critical instrumentation on process systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food & Beverage, Aerospace, Nuclear, Military and other government projects.   We will coordinate with manufacturing schedules, shutdowns or line turnarounds to calibrate quickly and where necessary repair or replace.

We have extensive experience in performing risk assessments including criticality, SOPs, preventative maintenance, work order history and can provide GMP gap analysis and recommended action plans to ensure compliance.

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ACS can manage your assets using our IndySoft management software platform.  The flexibility of this platform allows us to:


  • Create customizable home page views for quick visibility of overall equipment and process statuses.
  • Develop flow charts with the built in editor to map your quality process and visualize work flow status.
  • Quickly get to the information you want in a few clicks with a greatly simplified interface.

Equipment & Templates

  • Store unlimited number of records for companies, equipment, history, vendors, employees and more.
  • Utilize hundreds of predefined fields setup for the most common equipment definitions.
  • Expose unlimited custom field and labeling capabilities for further refinement of equipment details to suit your exact needs.
  • Leverage the power of templates for fast creation and management of assets in the system.
  • Reuse previously entered data about other assets to prevent ‘fat fingering’ of data that would then be lost in future searches.
  • Setup customized views of equipment to reflect only data relevant to job position or need.
  • Create multiple level parent-child relationships of assets and perform operations on the top levels as one unit.
  • View changes down to the field level including before and after indicators with the built in audit trail capabilities.

Scheduling & Notifications

  • Move beyond calibration scheduling by creating your own custom schedule types for studies, goal dates, maintenance, warranties, and more.
  • Control scheduling due dates with system wide and rule based scheduling exceptions.
  • Cast multiple schedules against an asset to track numerous time-based efforts at the same time.
  • Create, update, or negate schedules from any point in the equipment lifecycle process.
  • Automatically notify customers of recall statuses and more with highly targeted emails or reports generated by the integrated alarms system.
  • Modify any canned report or create your own by referencing the included Database Dictionary application that details the database structure.

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